I already have Facebook and Instagram why use another platform?

Vinifyed is entirely dedicated to wine & spirits. It is made to make it easy for you to showcase your products and allows instant access for all users. Vinifyed is not another social media platform. It is a comprehensive communication tool allowing you to manage your social media posts (to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram), communicate directly with consumers and partners with pages tailored for your products. Thanks to Vinifyed, you can also get a vision of your market with analytics from your consumers and retailers, you can now exactly where you are sold. You can also use the platform to directly increase your sells via your partners and from your own winery’s sales pages.

My wines are already on other wine apps why use another app?

Vinifyed is the only wine app allowing you to take full control of your communication and understand your market. It is the only wine and spirits dedicated platform linking you directly to your audience.

How much does a subscription to Vinifyed cost?

The basic Vinifyed subscription has no recurring cost but requires a one time set up fee of $99 which allows us to set up everything for you to get started. The basic access allows you to take control of some of the information and make sure everything is up to date. The Premium subscription is built for those who want to take it further and start boosting their communication and benefit from market feedback. The cost of the Premium subscription is $119/month when annualized or $149/month on a monthly payment. We are now offering a special 50% discount on a 2-year subscription plan.

Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

Yes you can cancel or downgrade your subscription at anytime.

Can I add/remove some wines from the platform easily?

Yes, anytime through your control panel.

Can I add as many wines or spirits as I want?

You can then add as many wines or spirits as you want and link them to this page. Vinifyed also allows you to create “White Label” products which you will be able to handle directly through your portal without having user linked to your page. This feature was designed to help you handle your private labels.

Can I add an unlimited number of wineries or brands?

Think of your page as your voice or your profile. Each subscription gives you the possibility to create 1 page and communicate through it. You are also able to link multiple pages to the same account but these require separate subscriptions.

Can I interact with my followers?

Yes! You can directly answer any comments left by users through your portal. (This feature is available only through Premium access)

Can I have multiple users on my account?

Yes, the number of users on the account is unlimited.

Do users have the possibility to buy wines directly through the app?

Do users have the possibility to buy wines directly through the app? Yes. Users can access retailers pages through Vinifyed and purchase the wines directly through one of your retailers. If you sell direct or with an authorized service/partner within the territory of purchase, you can also link your winery’s page to redirect users straight to your site. (This feature is available only through Premium access)

Once my profile is created, can I edit it?

Yes, at any time you are able to access your profile and edit the content.

Can I control which store are linked to my wines?

Yes. The Premium subscription allows you to take full control of your profile. This means adding stores and choosing which stores are shown. If you want to hide a price, simply unlink the store from your wine.

Can I offer discounts on my wines or spirits to Vinifyed users?

Yes. If you sell direct you will be able to reflect the discounts offered on your website directly on Vinifyed.

Can I remove negative comments from users?

Users can choose to make their comments visible to everyone by leaving “Public” comments. You are able to remove these comments from your pages by making them visible only to the user that posted them.

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