Can Vinifyed work everywhere around the world?

Yes, Vinifyed is available for download on the Apple Store worldwide. You can use most of the features wherever you are. However, most of our partnering retailers are located in US for the moment so the app is definitely more powerful here.

Is Vinifyed available in all languages?

Vinifyed is only available in English for the moment.

Is Vinifyed available on Android?

Unfortunately not yet, the Android version should be available late 2019.

How much does it cost?

Vinifyed is completely FREE for users!


I don’t know much about wine can I use Vinifyed?

Of course. Vinifyed was designed to help you understand more about the different taste structures of the different wine types and allow you to find wines that match your taste easily. Vinifyed is also a great tool to find wines and spirits at the best price.

How do I choose wineries and distilleries to follow in my News Feed?

When you rate or save wines in your wishlist, you will automatically follow the winery or distillery’s posts. You can also follow wineries and distilleries by going to their page and selecting follow. If you want to unfollow it, simply go to its page and select unfollow.

Can I find friends on the app?

We are working on this feature. Hang tight!

Can I recommend wines and spirits to other users?

Yes! And we highly encourage you to do so. Simply navigate to the page you want to share and select the Share icon. You will be able to share it with any app you have installed on your phone!

Can I correct a wine page?

Wine and spirits page are handled either directly by the wineries or distilleries or by Vinifyed’s team.

Ordering online

I don’t see one of my local stores, can I add it?

Ask your local store to contact us or directly send us their contact information, we will do our best to add them as fast as possible.

Can I purchase on Vinifyed?

Yes! You can navigate directly to the retailer's page or in some cases to the winery’s own online store to purchase the wines and spirits you want. Vinifyed works as a relay between you and the seller.

How up to date are the retailers inventories?

We do our best to keep the inventories as updated as possible. However, we cannot guarantee that the product you found on Vinifyed will still be available in the store. Please check directly with the retailers.


How does the Label Scanner work?

Simply take a picture of the front label of the bottle you want to scan and Vinifyed does the rest. We compare your image to all of our databases. If the scan doesn’t work, you might want to try taking another picture with more light. Otherwise, you can also search by typing in the name of the wine or spirit you are looking for.

The wine is not found?

We are adding new products every day but it’s a long process. So it might happen that you do not find a wine. We highly encourage you to suggest the wine by adding the name. We will review it and notify you as soon as we were able to add it.

How to Search by taste?

Searching wines by their taste is one of Vinifyed’s core features. If you are new to wine then you might want to use the Taste Guide to help you understand each component of a wine. Use the search by taste functionality within our entire database or select a specific store to make sure you find the wine that’s best suited for you.

What does matching percentage reflect when I scan a wine?

When scanning a wine, we compare it directly to the saved preferences you have in your profile. Access your profile and customize your taste profile to make sure the matching percentage shown is the best for you.

How accurate are the percentage match?

As accurate as you make them! Vinifyed compares the wine taste profile directly to yours so if you customize your own taste profile, the matching will be much more accurate. If you do not customize your taste profile, Vinifyed will automatically create an average profile from your saved preferences but your own customized profile will be even more accurate. Use the taste guide on your profile to get help with your customization!

Is there a taste profile for spirits?

Not yet, but we are working on it!


Do I need to create a profile to access Vinifyed?

You do not need a profile to access the basic functionalities of Vinifyed. However, we highly encourage you to create one as it will help you save your wines, keep track of your discoveries and increase points but most of all, it will help you understand your taste profile.

How do I increase my points and pass levels?

Points are attributed to you based on your use of the app. Rate, save, share, suggest wines to get more points and get to the next level. Vinifyed encourages you to discover wines so tasting wines from different regions and varietals will give you even more points!

What are Public and Private comments?

Public comments are visible by everyone while private comments are only visible to you. Think of them as a public review versus a private tasting note.

Can I change my cover picture?

Your cover picture reflects the origin of the latest wine or spirit you have tried. If you want to change it, then you can simply try some more wines and rate them, your profile picture will automatically be changed.

How do I save a wine or spirit to my profile?

When you are on a wine or spirit page, simply rate it or save it for later with the bookmark icon and it will automatically be saved to your profile.

How do I remove a product from my list?

Simply go to My List in your profile, click on the wine or spirit you wish to remove and remove the rating or bookmark from it.

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