Wine in 1 Minute: Rosé Wine

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

What is Rosé? How is it made?

Is there a difference between wines called pink, blush or rosé?

Where does the color come from?

Is Rosé considered Red or White wine?

It’s a real buzz

The old blush wine image is long gone, now it is all about pale rose, ”Provence Style”.

Provence Rosé is light, crispy and fruity. Not too sweet but SUPER fresh!

In France, sales of Rosé have past in front of white wines and in the USA, we could end up seeing the same trend.

Rosé is the new Millennials drink! It is cool & fun and the perfect drink to sip by the pool!

Have you ever heard about “a Piscine”?

“A piscine” means swimming pool in French but it is also the French way of asking a big glass of rosé with ice cubes! (that’s actually ok to with rosé but don’t dare try it with a red !)

Contrary to popular beliefs, rosé wines are not made by mixing red and white wines. Discover in this video how to make Rosé and where the color come from.

While rosé is made everywhere, the most popular rose Is the Provence style rose From Provence, in France!



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