Wine in 1 Minute : Dry Wines

Mis à jour : 25 mars 2020

What is a Dry wine ?

How to know if a wine is Dry or Sweet?

Is Merlot a dry wine?

Is Merlot drier than a Pinot Noir ?

Find all the answers in this short video :

First of all, DRY is the opposite of SWEET, you can feel it on the tip of your tongue

The sweetness in a wine comes from the Residual Sugars.

In the winemaking process, the fermentation of grapes transforms the sugar content of the juice into alcohol. The transformation can be total or not, whatever is left is the residual sugars.

A wine with 3% residual sugar contains 3 grams of sugar per liter which is equivalent to 1 sugar cube.

Dessert wines can have very levels of residual sugars with more than 70x more residual sugars than red wines.

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