Wine in 1 Minute: Dessert Wines

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

What are dessert Wine ?

What are the different categories of dessert wines ?

Dessert wines are a good alternative to regular dessert.

There are 4 main categories of Dessert Wines : Fortified wines, Late Harvest wines, Ice Wine and Straw wines.

They are called dessert wines because they all have a high levels of residual sugars so they are much sweeter than other wines..

- Fortified wines are regular wines whose fermentation is stopped by adding alcohol.

- Late harvest wines (or botrytized) are harvested late (in the year) creating a noble rot forms on the grape (botrytis). The noble rot drinks the water inside the grapes which concentrate sugars much more than regular wine.

- Ice & Straw wines, also use natural methods to concentrate the grapes’ sugar.

Ice wine is harvested in the winter and uses the cold whereas for straw wines the grapes are rested on straw mats and which after time concentrates the grapes’ sugar.

The most famous dessert wines:

are Sauternes and Monbazillac for late harvest wines

Porto, sherry, Madeira for fortified wines

Ice wines from Canada & Germany

And Straw wines like Italian Vin Santo & French Vin de Paille

Drink with caution, the degree of alcohol varies between 15% abv & 20% abv.

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