Tasting Rioja Alavesa White

Mis à jour : 9 janv. 2019

Rioja Alavesa white? You said, "White?” YES! The Rioja region located in Northern Spain is mainly known for its red wines which make up 85% of the production, but this region also produces incredible whites from the Viura grape, also known as Macabeo.

Rioja Alavesa is the northernmost subregion of Rioja and in consequence, benefits significantly from the cooling effect of the Atlantic ocean. It is a continental climate with a dry and warm growing season but being closer to the sea. This area also sees a little more rain than lower Rioja where soils are mainly composed of limestone and clay.

The bodega, winery, Garcia de Olano produces an excellent example of Rioja Alavesa white DOC. The Cuvee Heredad is a blend of 90% Viura and 10% Verdejo, a white grape variety, known for producing crisp white wines in Rueda, the central region of Spain. The primary aromas we sense are apple-pear aromas with a lot of yeasty notes. These notes are similar to those of Champagne wines. Most of the time the yeasty smell qualifies as "autolysis notes" because the auto-destruction of the yeasts forms them.

The wine is very dry (DRY on 6) and does not show any oak flavors (OAK on 0). This wine can be considered as light but has a medium plus body (BODY on 4) with rich and a pleasing fruit sensation in the mouth. However, it remains refreshing with medium plus acidity (ACIDITY on 4). Minerality is also a significant component of the wine with some delightful salty notes. (MINERAL on 3).


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