Tasting Omen California Cab Sauv

This 100% Cabernet Sauvignon cuvee is sourced from 50 % Sierra Foot Hills and 50 % Paso Robles and is a typical full-bodied California wine (BODY on 6). This wine is an great example of how a California Cabernet Sauvignon tastes.

Here the DRY factor is set on 5 because there is a slightly sweet component which can be explained by some residual sugars contained in the wine. You can feel sweetness on the tip of your tongue. However, this does not make it a sweet wine at all, the wine remains dry, but the sweet component gives the wine jammy notes. Also, residual sugars emphasis the perception of full body.

We set TANNIC on 4 even if the wine as a rather bold expression, you can feel its structure and the extraction of tannins, but in a soft expression, nothing grainy or astringent here.

The warmer climate of the areas where the grapes are sourced rarely produce high acids grappes. You can indeed tell here in the tasting profile that the wine as a low acidity level. That is why ACIDITY is set on 2.

Finally, Omen Cabernet Sauvignon is matured for a part in French Oak (20%), and it gives some slightly oaky notes such as vanilla, but very discreet and well integrated.

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