Tasting a barrel aged Sancerre Blanc

Mis à jour : 8 janv. 2019

Sancerre is a world-famous wine producing area in the vine-covered rolling hills of France. It is a picturesque medieval village on top of a hill in the upper Loire Valley area. You already know which white grape Sancerre is known for, correct? If you guessed Sauvignon Blanc, then yes! That's it!

With the Sancerre white wine, "La Grande Chatelaine", Joseph Mellot ferments and then matures the Sauvignon Blanc for 12 months in French oak barrels. Barrel aging adds some complexity of aromas and flavors to the wine. In the case of "La Grande Chatelaine", these aromas and flavors consist of toast and vanilla notes. That is why here, the OAKY criteria are set to 3. Which is medium intensity.

It is rarely the case for white Sancerre to mature in oak but Joseph Mellot’s "La Grande Chatelaine" 2014 is a fascinating example. Have you ever tasted those toast and vanilla flavors in wine?

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