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Mis à jour : 8 janv. 2019

Wine can be quite intimidating, especially if you’re just getting started. We have all been confronted with the embarrassing situation of standing in a wine store, row after row of gleaming bottles, in multiple languages, staring back at us. The good news is that there are some simple steps you can take to help you learn as you go as gracefully as possible.

Store Staff: Fortunately, there are already qualified people in the building, and they are more than willing to assist you. Unlike researching online (which depends on you entering keywords), the staff can guide you both literally around the store as well as introduce you to the appropriate terminology for what you are seeking.

Trusted Opinions: While not the best option for a long-term love affair with wine, asking the advice of a friend or colleague can at least give you a starting point. This can also be a good conversation starter on wine and entree pairings, in case you’re thinking of branching out.

Sheer Luck: Close your eyes and pick randomly. It is critical to note that while this sounds (and can be) quite fun, you may also end up completely disappointed with your selection. You’re basically playing Russian Roulette with your taste buds.

These resources will hopefully keep you from any embarrassment while shopping in the early days... but the only real getaway into the world of wine remains to learn. Knowledge is always power, and this is no exception. And don’t go looking for dusty old tomes just yet: far from being in hard work, learning about wines can always be done in an entertaining and social way: Enter the Wine Tasting Group.

If you are fortunate enough to live in an area that has these available, how would you know which to choose? What should you expect from a good one? What do you need to know before joining? The Vinifyed Post decided to investigate for you, and probably one of the best ways to find answers is to talk to people that have experienced tasting groups or are currently joining a group or simply ask people that know about it!

We will post interviews regularly on The Vinifyed Post to get you on the right track. First one available now with Sarah, currently server in a upscale West L.A restaurant.

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