10 Rules to Store and Serve Wine

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Discover in this video: 10 Importants Rules to Store and Serve Wine like a Master of Wine 🍷

n°1: Always keep your wine in the dark because UV of the sun may degrade the wine.

n°2: Always store your bottles on the side, If an oak cork is not in contact with the wine, it may dry and let air infiltrate the bottle.

n°3: Keep the temperature constant, Variation in temperatures is probably the worst that can happen to a wine!

n°4: Never exceed 65 degrees F°Ideally try to keep around 54, a little lower is fine too but avoid variations!

n°5: Keep a high level of humidity. This will also prevent the cork from drying, but stay reasonable!

n°6: Make sure your wine is actually made to be stored. Not all wines can be kept for a long time! For example wines in screwcap are usually made for more immediate consumption.

n°7: Store your wine by itself! Strong smelling food close to your wine may actually be damaging it.

n°8: Serve at the right temperature, in general, Sparkling wines are served between 43 to 47 degrees, White wines are served between 46 to 57 degrees and Light red at 53 degrees and Full-bodied red are served between 59 to 66 degrees.

n°9: Don't forget the Aeration, sometimes wines need some decanting. It can benefit some wines to let them for 1 or 2 hours in a decanter, to let aromas open up, on top of that a decanter looks fancy on a table!

n°10: Choose the right glass! For a true experience use the proper glassware, Discover in this video all the different glassware per wine type.


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